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• Order fire insurance for your new home. You should begin shopping for insurance right after escrow is opened.
Actual policy information should be sent to your escrow officer at least 5 to 10 days before the scheduled close of escrow.
• Cancel fire insurance on your present residence only after closing escrow.
Request a refund of the unused portion to be sent to you new address.
• Consult with you accountant and/or attorney regarding the best way in which to take title to your new home.
This is very important and should be done well in advance of close of escrow.
• Notify utilities to place service in your name in your new home and to cancel service in your old home. Both these changes should be scheduled for the day of close of escrow, or first day of occupancy.


• Notify the old and new Post Office branches of your change of address.
Exchange information with the buyer/seller about how to handle your mail.
• Schedule movers.
• Consider changing your locks or re-keying locks in your new home
• Expect to receive your Grant Deed and Title Insurance policy within 6-8 weeks after close of escrow.
Be sure to mail back the post card included with your deed to apply for the Homeowner’s exemption.

This information is provided by Marvin Gardens as a courtesy to our clients and is intended to be a helpful reminder, not an all encompassing list.



PG&E 1-800-743-5000
AT&T 1-800-310-2355
EBMUD 1-866-403-2683
COMCAST Cable 1-800-945-2288
COMCAST Internet 1-888-262-6300


Household Hazardous Waste (West Contra Costa)
Recycle – Computers & Electronics (Alameda County)
Household Hazardous Waste (Alameda County)


Waste Management (Alameda County) 510-613-8710
Solid Waste Management (Berkeley) 510-981-7270
East Bay Sanitary (El Cerrito) 510-237-4321
Bay View Refuse (Kensington) 510-237-4614
Oakland Scavenger (Oakland/Piedmont) 510-613-8710
Richmond Sanitary (West Contra Costa) 510-262-1610